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Ladies and gentlemen, it works! Indeed you CAN infant a 500 Abarth! Today Rio went for her first ride in mama’s car and it was easier than expected. Now, most people would try to put the car seat in through the front door, but it’s actually much easier to drop the rear seat and put the kid in right through the hatch. I’m not using the base here, but it does indeed fit. I also adjusted the front seat to the correct position after taking the photo. It’s very easy to belt the seat in from the back owing to the small amount of space between the seat itself and the actual back of the car. I’d dare say it was probably less of a faff than reaching through some larger cars from the side, especially being 5'4". There was plenty of space left over to fit a stroller (not used on this trip) and a decent sized diaper bag.


Admittedly, this would not work with every car seat, here we have a rather small Cybex “Aton” model. Also, the car becomes a 2 seater, no questions asked. Don’t plan on any huge Costco runs either, you can fit your usual groceries still with a little Tetris style skill, but not much else. On the plus side, if you leave that back seat down, you get an extra helping of that pretty exhaust!

Overall, I’m very glad I stuck with my choice, It’s not traditional or seemingly logical, but it works perfectly well. I didn’t have to part with more money for a car I liked far less and I didn’t have to deal with car shopping while pregnant. It still has a 4 star overall safety rating just like many larger vehicles too. For generations now, people have been sticking children in the back of reasonably small cars, I myself came home in a Renault Le Car. We do live in an era with many larger, seemingly more convenient options, some of which are also fun to drive, but switching to one of these is not really necessary. So if you are considering parenthood but worry about having to switch to something decidedly less awesome than whatever it is you have now, take a moment to really consider the possibility of keeping what you already have. If your significant other thinks you’re out of your mind, feel free to use my experience as an example of how it could very well be possible.

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